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Registering a .museum name
There are two steps in registering a name in .museum.:

1 Establish your eligibility and select your domain names.

Names in .museum are only available to museums and individual members of the museum profession. Eligibility is determined on the basis of the ICOM (International Council of Museums) definition of museum. The underlying policies, which you agree to observe by submitting your application, are given in full detail at:

-> http://about.museum/policy/

A .museum name must be clearly derived from the name the museum is otherwise know by but may not be a generic term or place name. A single organization may, however, have multiple names both for itself and for temporary activities such as exhibitions and projects. It is also possible to include generic and place designations in three-part domain names. More information about the naming conventions can be seen at:

-> http://about.museum/naming/

If you believe that you meet the elibility criteria and wish to have a name in .museum, please send a request by e-mail to:

-> eligibility@icom.museum

Be sure to:
  • include the name and physical address of the organization requesting the names,
  • designate a contact person at that organization by name, e-mail address, telephone and telefax numbers,
  • state the name(s) you wish to register in .museum,
  • indicate any professional museums associations the organization belongs to if you wish for this to be considered when processing your request, including membership numbers,
  • provide any other information that can help evaluate your request, such as the addresses of current Web sites.
2 Register your .museum name.

If your request meets the criteria listed above, you will be provided with a Community-ID and password. With these, you can contact the registrar of your choice and complete the registration of your .museum name(s):

-> http://about.museum/registrars/

You will also be notified about the names that have been reserved for you to register. If there are any further questions before you can proceed to registration, we will contact you about them.

Latest update: 6 January 2014
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