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Stockholm, Sweden, 18 February 2004 - The Museum Domain Management Association (MuseDoma) announced today that new policies for the registration of names in the .museum top-level domain ("dot-museum" - will take effect on 1 March 2004.

Earlier this year it became possible to register Internationalized Domain Names (IDN - and the changes in the .museum naming conventions that this required are now being extended to apply to all names registered in the domain. The new policies expand the use of the second-level in .museum. This is the portion of the name that appears to the immediate left of the top-level label, "museum".

The second-level was initially structured to support the indexed search facility located at With the appearance of what is expected to become a wide range of scripts and languages in the second-level vocabulary, the number of names that do not conveniently fit into the index may become significant. The naming conventions have therefore been modified to permit the use of the index if a name holder feels it suitable and otherwise to accept the direct registration of second-level names. It is also expected that a single organization may wish to register names of both types.

The continuing development of the index requires that generic terms which might appear in it are available for shared use. Names in the form or are therefore reserved for inclusion in three-label names in the form Names with a specific designation on the second level such as,,, or blårö may, however, be registered directly.

Requests for the registration of two-label names based on the new naming conventions will be accepted effective immediately and placed in two separate queues. The first will contain requests submitted by the holders of names that were formally registered as of the date of this news release. These will be processed in the order received and approved names will be available for registration from 1 March. Requests in this queue will be given priority over names in the second queue until 8 March. Requests for names received from all other applicants will be placed in the second queue, which will also be processed in the order received. The names in it will become available for registration beginning on 8 March. (All deadlines are at 0000 UTC on the indicated date.) Thereafter, all requests will be processed in normal order as they are received.

Requests may be submitted via the forms provided at or by e-mail to If you have already registered names with one of the authorized .museum registrars you may also submit your request directly to the registrar.

The formal statement of the new naming conventions and a parallel explanatory text were posted for public comment on 26 January and have since been modified to reflect community response. No suggestions required the substantive revision of anything in the drafts and no significant changes of any type are anticipated prior to the new policies going into effect. The documents are located at:

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