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What will a .museum name give you?

* Authenticity
In other top-level domains (TLDs), anyone can register a domain name including the letters "museum". This does not mean they are museums. You will only find genuine museums in .museum! Eligibility for .museum is based on the definition of museum provided by the International Council of Museum (ICOM). A name in .museum tells Internet users that its holder is a museum, museums association or individual member of the museum professional according to criteria established by the museum community, itself. By its restriction to genuine museums, the domain validates and verifies the legitimacy of museums around the world.

* Identity
The .museum TLD allows museums, museums associations and museum professionals to be identified by a global audience via their unique identity on the Internet, immediately communicating the resources they offer to the public as a bona fide .museum.

* Visibility
The .museum TLD is globally visible! The structure of the .museum name space makes it easy for non-specialists to locate museums, even without knowing their precise names.

* Significance
Registration in .museum assures that individual museums have a place of their own on the Internet, providing a meaningful and verifiable identity. The dedicated domain provides all museums — regardless of their area of specialization, size of collections, or level of funding — with equal opportunities for visibility on the Internet.

* New communication channels
Museums extend access to their most valued cultural and scientific treasures through the Internet. The .museum TLD provides a platform for the development of services that can enhance the scope of this outreach. This is already evident in the index of .museum names at http://index.museum. As the domain grows an array of further services designed specifically for the .museum community will become available.